Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Autism Symptoms

See some videos below describing the signs and symptoms of autism.  See also a series of lectures by doctors and professors presented at the Yale Child Study Center in 2010.

Comorbid Conditions and Conditions that May Be Mistaken for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Symptoms in Infants --Symptoms in Toddlers. --First signs of autism. --Early signs of autism. --Symptoms in infants. --Warning signs at 6 months. --Toddler screening checklist. ---Signs of mild autism in toddlers. --Autism characteristics in toddlers. --physical and emotional symptoms. --Asperger's Disorder.

Check out the great collection of video clips below from the Autism Speaks website.

Researchers videotaped interactions between typical babies and young children and therapists. They also videotaped interactions with children with with autism.  There is a brief explanation under each clip.  There is also a glossary of terms to go with the clips to help you understand any professional terms that are used.  Finally, some new educational/behavioral therapy for toddlers at high risk, as determined by parent responses to the first year inventory questionnaire (FYI), is discussed. --speech milestones from --speech milestones.  Gov't website. --speech milestones and other information from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  
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