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 listing of websites offering free educational videos. free library of educational videos for grades K-12. free high school level online multimedia lessons. free educational games and videos for K-12. huge supply of academic DVDs for sale, many with close captioning. Educational videos/DVDs to rent--academic and Special Kids series.  $10.50/mo. subscription plan. Many videos for $79.99/year subscription and other discounts.  No closed captioning, to my knowledge.  Check out "Amazon student section." 

ALWAYS USE CLOSED CAPTIONING WHEN AVAILABLE:  GOOD FOR SPELLING, READING ISSUES, SPEECH DELAY, ESL, AND LEARNING DISABILITIES. free tips and instructional videos for teachers. English, math, and science games and lessons.  Free. links to many homeschool programs and resources resources for teachers. educational software for children. lots of great educational games, toys, and other resources.  Find an item on this site and then Google search to see if it is not cheaper elsewhere. educational toys online. search for various curriculums and materials offered by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. many worksheets and lessons.  Many items free.  $39.99/year for subscription. many links to educational websites and resources. links to educational websites. large database of free lessons submitted by teachers. free resources and lesson plans. children's educational software. Discovery Education video streaming for homeschool.  $275/year.  Access to 5,000 videos. closed captioning option for some Discovery Education video streaming content.  Helpful info. Sells educational videos.  Check other sites for better prices before purchase. Subscription service.  Rental of educational videos and DVDs. RESOURCES AND SUPPORT GROUP FOR PARENTS HOMESCHOOLING SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS. MANY LINKS TO TEACHING RESOURCES. links to resources and support groups for parents homeschooling special needs kids. homeschool group for parents of special needs kids. K-5 software for visual learners. 30 day free trials of educational software. test prep practice for standardized social studies tests in New York.  Grades 3-5.  FREE. Great source of free worksheets on a variety of subjects and holiday/social studies lessons. History websites for kids. Free powerpoint presentations for teachers.  Organized by subject.  Big collection.

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