Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Support Groups
 Autism Society.  Parent support and information.  worldwide net community of people with autism and aspergers and their parents.. social network for parents of kids on the spectrum. National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Some autistic children have mental health issues. links to advocacy groups and information about learning disabilities. severe social anxiety disorder.  The person can speak at home but becomes mute in public places like school due to anxiety.  Highly treatable.  May co-occur or be a symptom of ASD. many children with autism have seizure disorder.  Some develop seizure disorder as teens. many articles, books, and reviews of resources. large autism charity with opportunities to connect with other parents. RESOURCES AND SUPPORT GROUP FOR PARENTS HOMESCHOOLING SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS. links to resources and support groups for parents homeschooling special needs kids.

Central Texas/Austin Area Favorites --Facebook group for families with special needs in North Austin area.  Free!  Fun!  All special needs.  Go to to register and receive Evites to socials and play dates in the Austin area. --Autism Society of Central Texas Yahoo! group. --website for Autism Society of Central Texas. 

Below are a video featuring Alex Plank, founder of, as well as public service announcements from the American Autism Society and Autism Speaks. 

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