Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Speech Therapy Catalogs --Super Duper Inc.  Great flashcards and other materials for use with young children and elementary aged children.  $ --Different Roads.  Check out "flashcards and ABA materials" for speech delay materials. $$ --Janelle Publications.  Nice selection of fun speech materials for use with kids.  $ --Speech Corner.  Reasonably priced materials for use with kids.  $ --Linguisystems materials for the professional and for advanced students.  Flashcards for children.  Big resource with a variety of materials.  $$$ --Pro-ed.  Materials for the professional and testing, including books for professionals.  $$$$

See also:

Speech Links --other websites, some with free materials to download or watch online.

Free Speech Videos --free speech videos from YouTube for young children and ESL students that can help some children with autism improve receptive speech (language learning and understanding).  

Speech DVDs --more targeted and more engaging than many of the free YouTube videos.

Speech Software --CDs.

Special Needs Catalogs --many contain speech sections and autism sections that contain speech materials.

Note:  My older son needed work on both receptive speech (understanding) and expressive speech (what he said).  My younger son is dealing with articulation (pronunciation) issues.  In my experience, video based learning helped a lot with basic receptive speech, but 1:1 work with a speech language pathologist and additional work at home with me using homemade materials, downloaded free materials, and materials purchased from catalogs was necessary for expressive speech, articulation, social pragmatic speech, and advanced speech issues.  

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