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 Books for Kids and Teens on the Spectrum

 OCD Resources provides information about various learning disabilities links to advocacy groups and information about learning disabilities. anger management, bullying, and conflict resolution lessons and resources. tools to create personalized social stories.  $8.99 subscription. free computer program for creating social stories.  A few free social stories are included. occupational therapy products offered for sale. free screener of handwriting proficiency. official website for Temple Grandin, autism expert and advocate. National Institute of Mental Health government pamphlet providing general information about autism. early warning signs 0-5 years. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.  Read on-line through with membership.  Peer-reviewed scientific articles. cheap and simple book on psychiatric medications for children. well-written, easy to understand book providing an overview of Aspergers and HFA for parents. relationships and boundaries for Aspergers. handwriting and fine motor skills toys and grips. fine motor and other therapy aids.

// free YouTube channel about special needs apps.

// free YouTube channel about special needs apps.  See  "subscriptions" on my Autistic Kids Channel for other helpful channels. information and links for parents with kids with learning disabilities. Autism Speaks resource library. FREE ASD Video Glossary to help parents and teachers identify red flags and features. Online resources listed with Autism Speaks. Safety products listed with Autism Speaks. different therapies discussed, methods of teaching kids with autism,  and many great links to Texas reources!  State agency website.
 AUTISM SOFTWARE LIST!  SOME ITEMS ARE FREE! Special Education Resources on the Internet.  Links to resources. search for articles in medical and science journals. online databases of scholarly and other articles. Center for Disease Control official child development information and warning signs for various disorders. MANY LINKS TO RESOURCES. Technology for the classroom.  Links to resources and articles about using videos, Internet, iPad, video modeling, and other technologies. 

Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage, and Meltdowns[Paperback] Brenda Smith(Author) ; Southwick, Jack(Author) Myles (Author).  Available at Weighted hoodies and other items.  Local Austin, TX, business. National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Several universities have combined resources to share information on evidence-based practices.  Free informational modules available to members. Autism Speaks' listing of assistive technology. Apps listed by Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks IEP guide. Autism Speaks guide to legal rights for Americans. --listing of websites that offer visual tools for people with ASD. --A place to start for parents/caregivers of adults with ASD.
// --Free YouTube channel for Aspergers, including many free social stories for kids.  Great channel! --AISD SCORES (autism services) training information, including contact e-mails and the staff-only location for autism materials.  Lots of good info on reward systems and technology. --Autism collection at Region 13 library.  For Austin and surrounding areas.  Resource for teachers, but parents and professionals in the area can access it, too.
--more Austin-area library sources; for children in AISD, there are some recommended digital sources--Discovery Streaming, Brain Pop, and TumbleBooks, that require a login & password from AISD.  

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