Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Special Needs Catalogs sells autism learning materials for teachers and homeschool. sells therapy materials, speech materials, and other resources. sells materials to meet kids "social, emotional, and educational needs." and offer used books and products. site for those interested in starting an ABA program; materials, books, and other resources recommended. sells books on autism issues for teens, adults, caregivers, and professionals. learning and communication tools to support children and adults with special needs. therapeutic, educational, and sensory products and resources. special needs product, including lots of speech flashcards, software, and apps. Special Needs catalogs listed by Autism Speaks. Software, flashcards, and books from --Supplier of a variety of special needs products.

 Speech Therapy Catalogs --See page devoted to speech therapy catalogs.  

Listing of Links Provided by the president of the Autism Society of Central Texas

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