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Following Directions

What does it mean to "follow directions"?  Why is following directions important?  What are instructions?  Should you obey your parents? --Many links to online resources and lesson plans to teach following directions.  Warning:  several broken links on this website. --Links to resources/worksheets. --Links to following directions resources. --Following directions game. --Following directions interactive.  Works with Internet Explorer. --Following instructions;  for older learners.  Includes quizzes.

Arts & Crafts Exercises--Students follow craft instructions or recipes. 

Methods used with my older son to teach following written directions:

1)  Completion of preschool/kindergarten workbooks with a variety of clearly written directions.

2)  Completion by me of a preschool math workbook with a very good variety of written directions.  I wrote the answers in the book in marker and read/explained the answers to him while he played with Play Dough or ate.  

3)  Creation of flashcards demonstrating key concepts.  

4)  Write--numbered, very simple, with large text, and with pictures--directions that must be followed on a daily basis and post.  

Commercial Software Options:

Super Duper --Following Directions CD for the PC.
Lakeshore Learning --Following Directions CD  for the PC.
Bungalow Software :  $50/mo. subscription to 19 different programs, including a following directions program. (Have not tried this product.)
Directions-Series -- $189 for 2 computer CDs.  Call company at phone number provided for 50% discount for family/home use.  (Have not tried this product.)
School Zone--workbook $2.99 + S&H; various cheap computer CDs for young children that can help practice following directions.
Rainbow Resource --workbooks $9.25/each + S&H.

Note:  My own kids enjoy the Lakeshore Learning programs the most.  Super Duper CDs for the PC are highly recommended for homeschool/therapy.    

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