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Funny Moments

At their grandparents house, the kids and I were playing UNO with their grandmother.  My older son was losing.  (I was trying to let my younger son win, since he was the only one who hadn't won a round, and he'd get upset if he didn't win once.  The kids didn't pick up on me looking at their cards and kept announcing what cards they had.  I kept "forgetting" to say "UNO," and so did their grandmother.)  

Anyway, my older son, with a fist full of cards, said, "Just because I'm not very good at UNO doesn't mean that I'm a complete loser!"
His brother said, "No one is good at everything," in order to comfort him.  

I thought the moment was funny.    

See some pics below from a Facebook page called "The Funny Side of Autism."

Feel free to comment on any of the above and share your own experiences.  :)


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