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Lessons Life Skills

Life Skills and Social Skills Lessons --lessons, games, and videos from collection. --Who is following the rules? --Choose the best advice. --great collection of articles for older kids/teens on emotions, school situations, mental health, etc. --collection of games on bullying and other issues. --feelings game. --fire safety --building character --listen when teacher talks. --auditory memory practice. --feelings are important. --friends --testing tips --washing hands. --teamwork --public speaking --culture --time management --social skills videos from the special ed section of Teacher Tube. --life skills videos from the special ed section of Teacher Tube. --social skills --life skills and OT --OT and social skills --bullying --bullying games --safety --conflict resolution games --social skills and family games. --feelings games. --fire safety games. --friendship games. --getting dressed games. health games. --Internet safety games. --kitchen safety and nutrition games. --life skills games. --manners games. --OT and following directions. --OT and following directions games. --personal safety games. --playground safety. --safety games. --safe drinking water games. --speaking games. --special needs info. games. --stranger danger games. sun safety games. weather safety. --dangerous weather games. safety games. --table manners. --tolerance and diversity games. --free safety videos for kids. bathtime games and songs. school bus safety games. --OT --language --social speech. --social behavior --free lesson guides on left sidebar. --emotions lessons and managing emotions. --worksheets and other social/emotional skills activities. --behavior activities and songs. Reminder strips for brushing teeth and other sequence activities. Daily living skills picture cards and games. Social and behavioral picture cards and picture strips. games for preschool and moderate to severe autism.  Free. Life skills lesson plans. Conflict resolution website.  English or Spanish.  Free. Character education. Character worksheets.  Free.
// Free YouTube potty training videos., Joy Berry books, Social Skills Picture Book, Model Me Kids DVDs and workbook, other social skills DVDs, picture books, and flashcards.  
Games moderated by me.
Play dates with other kids.
YMCA, pottery, art, mother's day out, and Gymboree classes for kids.
Free craft classes for kids at Lakeshore Learning, library, and other places.
Trips to school playground and park.
Sunday school and church activities.
Kids make picture books about social and life skills and retell Joy Berry books (text covered by me with adhesive computer labels and replaced with large-print simple text.)  
Social skills lessons from this website.
Life skills lessons from this website. --character education free ebooks and games. Free activities to go with the sommerlearning ebooks. Free clean up game. Health and safety videos and games. Health and safety videos and games. Health videos from Discovery Streaming. Free safety lesson plans and activities. --OT free social skills free. Social skills visual aids--free. --recipes and worksheets. home hygiene and home routines--free, at bottom of page. Free life skills lessons, mostly for adults and teens. Computer basics.  Free. Life skills lessons and assessment strategies. Interpreting facial expressions.  Free program. character education.  (Check out subcategories.)  Free. Housekeeping skills.  Free. Managing money.  Free. Manners videos.  Free. Bedtime routine.  Free. Pledge of Allegiance with sign language, sound, and closed captions.  Free. Library rules with Richard Scarry characters.  Free. School rules with Richard Scarry characters.  Free. Saftey.  (Check out subcategories).  Free. Social skill/group interaction.  (Check out subcategories.)  Free. Study skills.  (Check out subcategories).  Free. $14.95/mo. 30 day free trial.  Huge collection of resources. Fire safety computer games.  Free.,1,0,0 Assortment of social skills lesson plans from,1,0,0 Conflict resolution lesson plans from --health and safety lessons. --Free school safety lesson.  


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