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Lessons STAAR Reading 3

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots 

Use context to predict word meaning --vocabulary practice. --Can choose spelling or vocabulary quiz options.

Multiple Meaning Words and Homographs 

Antonyms, Synonyms --Use closed captioning.  Free with AISD login or free trial. 

Homographs, and Homophones --Use closed captioning.  Free with AISD login or free trial. --Use closed captioning.  Free trial. --many lists and quizzes of sound alike words. --sound alike words that are capitalized in one form. --explanation, quizzes, and lists.

Locate facts, details, answers, and support in text 

Analysis of Theme and Genre 
Link from : --myth brainstorming machine interactive.

Inferences About Theme and Genre 

Conclusions About Theme and Genre 

Paraphrase Themes and Supporting Details of Fables, Legends, Myths, and Stories --myths, legends, and folktales interactives and lessons. --Fractured Fairy Tales lesson.  

Characteristics of various forms of poetry --Use closed captioning.  Free trial or AISD login.  


Structure and Elements of Poetry --Write it! activity. --Poetry writing machine. --lots of poetry links and lessons. --figurative language. --how to divide words into syllables.

Narrative Poetry 

Lyrical Poetry

Humorous Poetry

Free Verse

Structure of Fiction --Use closed captioning.  Free trial or AISD login.  

Elements of Fiction --book report sandwich interactive. 
Lessons from :
Point of View - Study Zone: Point of View - Learn about the author's choice of point of view and practice.
Problem & Solution - Describing Solutions to Problems

Inferences About Fiction 
Plot - Inferences About Plot Development - Learn about make inferences about how a plot develops 

Conclusions About Fiction 

Fiction--Evidence in Text to Support Answers

Sequence the Plot 

Explain How Events Influence Future Events (Cause and Effect/Foreshadowing) --Making Predictions 

Character Interactions, Relationships, and Changes
// character sketch. --Create a character fun. --put description into computer and print.

Nonfiction--Inferences and Conclusions Based Upon 

Nonfiction--Structure and Features --fiction or nonfiction.

Nonfiction--Evidence in Text to Support Answers

Sensory Language--Appeals to Senses 

Media Literacy--How Words, Images, Graphics, and Sounds Work Together to Impact Meaning in Various Forms --Communicating through posters, newspapers, and comics game; media literacy. --brochures and leaflets. --letters lessons. --animated lesson on writing letters. --newspapers. --games.

Author's Message 

Summarize Information in Text, Maintaining Meaning and Logical Order --free with AISD login or free trial.

Nonfiction--Identify Facts and Details that Support the Main Idea --free trial offered.  Use closed captioning.  

Nonfiction--Draw Conclusions Based Upon Facts and Provide Support 

Nonfiction--Identify Cause and Effect 

Nonfiction--Use Text Features ( bold print, captions, key words, italics, etc.) to Find Information and Make Predictions About Contents of Text --free trial.  Use closed captioning.

Understand Procedural Texts and Documents --instructional texts. --animated lesson.

Locate and Use Information in Graphic Features of Texts (Pictures, Graphs, etc.)

General Reading Comprehension Lessons/Activities
Practice Tests and Guidelines --Story starters daily journal activity.

Note:  You will have to subscribe to (which has a two week free trial) or do a web search in order to get the text of the poems and short stories that go with the above video lessons. --grade 3 online textbook for another state.  

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