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Lessons Social Studies 3

Grade 3 Social Studies Lessons--based on Austin Independent School District curriculum Resources provided by Austin Independent School District.  Access to some interactive materials. --Web resources recommended by AISD --Download TEKS aligned biographies and other information to assist lesson planning.


Past, Present, and Future --past and present --past and present 

Year, Decade, and Century 

Climate, landforms, natural resources, and natural hazards --landforms and map basics --natural resources famous American landforms --climate and downloadable worksheet --geography riddles --U. S. landforms --climate controls --landform interactives --Podcast--erosion affects landforms. --free with trial membership.  Use closed captioning. --free with trial membership.  Use closed captioning. --free with trial membership or AISD login.  Use closed captioning.  

Compass rose, grid system, symbols --landforms and map basics --reading map interactive --read road map --population map --reading map symbols map reading --interactive using a map interactive --national landmarks --using compass rose --using grid --using a map --using a map, symbols --latitude and longitude --using a map game --Arthur's map interactive. --map and grid game. --simple learning directions game. --Free trial or AISD login.  Use closed captioning. 

Earning, spending, saving, and donating money --goods and services review,1,0,0 business and money lesson plans from eduplace. --goods and services review --several economics games --games to teach smarter shopping --budgeting game --avoiding sales scams --variety of free economics Power Points to download. --covers all the topics --Free comparing prices movie; use with closed captioning. --Free interest movie.  Use closed captioning. --Free trial or AISD login.  Use closed captioning. 

Scarcity --Natural Resources and Economics Connection

Free Market --Several great economics lessons. 

Supply and Demand --lemonade stand game --money skills games --Free trial or AISD login.

Profit --free business simulation games online for kids

Declaration of Independence 
// --free trial or AISD login.

U. S. Constitution --Case of Missing Constitution 
// --three parts of government --several sections about Constitution --Constitutional Convention Quiz --Great lessons! --Constitutional Convention 

Bill of Rights 
// --Great Bill of Rights Lessons. --Free trial or AISD login.

"consent of the governed" --Voting.  Use closed captioning.  Free trial or AISD login. --Presidential election.

Civic responsibility (obeying laws, serving the community, serving on a jury, and voting) --election day --election --Free trial or AISD login.  Use closed captioning.

Red Cross 

Dates, Places, Events

Deserts, mountains, wetlands, and plains --free with trial membership or AISD login.  Use closed captioning. --free with trial membership or AISD login.  Use closed captioning.  

Volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes --volcanoes --Volcano interactive --video--What is an earthquake? --Volcano facts song. --Earthquake footage. --Erupting volcano. --study maps and data re:  hurricanes and other natural disasters. --free with trial membership; use closed captioning. --free with trial membership or AISD login.  Use closed captioning. --free with trial membership or AISD login. --free with trial membership or AISD login. 

Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River, and Austin --Stephen F. Austin bio. Has three film clips and free lessons about Austin for homeschool. --about Austin History Center --history of Austin (Can be read by a parent and simplified for the student.) AISD Austin lesson guide grade 3. Rocky Mountains

More: --general social studies skills lessons with audio

Kindergarten through Grade 2 Review 

See 3rd Grade Social Studies Biographies!

African American History Month Project--Inventor Garrett Morgan (See links below and check sites for other bios) Morgan bio.

// Morgan bio.

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