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Phonics Based Programs  <----free online reading program.
phonics based reading program. Phonics based reading program.  80 lessons progressing in difficulty.  $198 or $33/mo. payment plan. online reading program for ages 4-10.  $19.99/month.  30 day free trial. online reading comprehension program.  $25/month. Free trial. online reading program for kindergarten through grade 2.  $9.95/month.  2 week free trial.  120 online lessons. beginning online reading course.  Free trial. Beginning reading ages 4-6.  $8.99/month.  2 week free trial. online animated phonics and spelling programs.  $9.95/month.  Free trial. elementary online reading and math program.  2 week free trial.  $17.99/mo. full preschool through kindergarten curriculum, heavy on phonics and learning the alphabet.  $7,95/month. phonics based online curriculum.  $9.95/month. 

Heath, my very high functioning four-year-old, chose the following four programs as his favorites: Early Reading,,, and  All of the programs listed are good, and a child may benefit from doing more than one program.  See more information about Heath's favorite programs below:    

Heath also loved the alphabet section of this website.  Before starting the online subscription services, he watched the alphabet videos on this website over and over again, learning his letters, phonics, and many new words.

Go to Alphabet Videos on this Website  

Note:  The owner of this website has not been paid to promote the products listed above.  

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