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Picky Eating Forum

My older son used to be a picky eater, resulting in him being underweight and me letting him drink milk all of the time instead of enforcing a balanced diet, just to keep his weight up.  (Now, he won't drink white milk and takes calcium and vitamin D chewables.)  My younger son won't eat meat or cheese, and we are not vegetarian.  (He takes multivitamins.)  Ugh!  If everyone would just eat the same thing willingly without bribes, begging, fits, or occupational therapy!  (Picky eating is currently one issue being addressed in occupational therapy with the younger one; ABA therapists have also given it a try.)  Due to unrelated medical issues, there are certain things I cannot eat.  Everyone just ends up eating something different.  What are your thoughts?  Suggestions?  Venting is okay.  :)  


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