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Prefixes Suffixes Roots

The links below are mostly to free, online games! --Prefixes and Suffixes Game from Smart Tutor --Matching Prefix Game --Root Words Tutorial and Games. --Several Games. --Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. --Games. --Free Power Points. --Games. --many games. --Games. --Game. --Worksheets and games. --game. --root word games --prefixes games. --suffixes games. --quizzes. --Race to Ramses game. 

Online Prefixes Game -

In- & Im- Game -

Prefix & Suffix Game -

ELL Prefix & Suffix Lesson with Worksheets -

Interactive Prefix & Suffix Lesson/Game -

Prefix, Base Word, & Suffix Game -

Interactive Prefix Game -

Interactive Prefix Lesson/Practice with Feedback -

Prefix Quiz -

Interactive Suffix Game -

Suffix Game -

Online Suffix Lesson with Quizzes -

Online Suffix Quiz -

Suffix Quiz with Animations - --Prefixes and suffixes quizzes.

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