Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Science !

// Science Channel.  Videos collected by Free Videos for Autistic Kids.  

SCIENTIFIC METHOD SONGS FOR KIDS --Butterfly reading and quiz; use with playlist from Science Channel. --Several butterfly lessons to go with the above resources.

// Videos from the Houston Zoo!

// Biology videos.

// Videos from Animal Planet. 

// Collection of earth science videos.   

// How stuff works videos.

// Math and science videos from Khan Academy.

// Educational videos from NASA.

// Educational videos from NASA.

// Educational videos from NASA. 

// Science videos from National Geographic.

// Nature video collection.

// Music from the Bill Nye science videos.  

// Lots of cute science cartoons for kids.

// Videos from Scientific American.

// Science videos from NASA.

// How do they do it? videos.

// How It's Made science videos.  

// Simple science videos for kids.

// Science Magazine videos.

// ScienceOnline videos.

// San Diego Zoo videos.  

// Cool science experiments on video!

// Cool science experiments! Science websites for kids. Space websites for kids. Dinosaur websites for kids. Animals websites for kids. Science websites for kids. Science lessons grades 1 to 5.  Free. --great searchable website for terms and articles --PBS "Nature" series videos --energy for kids --anatomy Science crafts. Free plant parts poster. Free photosynthesis poster. Free root parts poster. 

GAMES!  GAMES! GAMES! GAMES! GAMES! GAMES! Free National Geographic kids games. free science games for kids.  Big selection. Free science games for kids. free science games for kids. free science games for kids about conserving the environment. Free game--labeling the planets. Free game--ordering the planets. Free game--questions and answers about the planets. Free game--label the steps in photosynthesis. Free game--label parts of the respiratory system. Cool science games for kids. Science games for kids. Science games for kids. free science games and lessons for kids. Free science games for kids. Free science games for kids. Space games from NASA.  Free. --Animal games--classification and characteristics. --animal games Dinosaur games and activities. --biology interactives

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