Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Seizure Disorder --many helpful links and overview of increased risk of seizure disorder for those on the spectrum. --Epilepsy Foundation website (lots of information). --epilepsy center locations in U. S. --level 4 epilepsy center in Austin, Texas. --level 4 treatment center in Austin; their website contains lots of information for parents and patients about epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder. --videos from the Epilepsy Foundation; searchable by topic. --general information about seizures that are not able to be controlled by medication. --general information about treating refractory epilepsy; epilepsy centers/your neurologist will give you information applying to you. --general information and doctor videos about seizure medication. --seizure medication list. --general information about epilepsy and kids; downloadable toolkits in English and Spanish.  

I personally had uncontrolled epilepsy in my 20s for 8 years, so this is a very important issue to me.  It was ultimately cured by surgical removal of the spot in the brain from which the seizures originated.  This resulted in some peripheral vision loss on one side, but no other ill effects.  

Prior to the surgery, medications and a vagus nerve stimulator were also tried.  They did not work for me, but most people respond to medications, and some respond well to use of a vagus nerve stimulator.

I wish I had access to all the resources above.  You can comment on these resources and share additional resources in the comment box.  


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