Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Speech DVDs & Videos

My Kids' Favorites speech DVDs for autistic babies and kids. speech and social skills DVDs for autistic kids. speech and social skills DVDs for autistic kids. ESL DVDs also appropriate for many young children with autism.  Standard Deviants video tutorial series. ESL videos for babies and young children.  Also appropriate for autism. offers DVDs for speech for babies and toddlers. and offer used speech DVDs, including Standard Deviants, Baby Bumble Bee, Teach2Talk, Special Kids, and others. link to Baby Einstein Baby Wordsworth, a good speech DVD for babies. system that helps babies and toddlers learn both reading and speech at the same time. Scholastic Storybook Treasury of 100 stories.  USE READ ALONG FUNCTION.

Speech Materials that My Kids Have Not Tried --a newer system that appears similar to some of the products listed above.  $19.95 for six DVDs plus 3 CDs. 10 DVD ESL series for children aged 4 and up for
$199. 12 DVD ESL lessons for kids for $360.  (Look for used copies on line for cheaper prices.)  English only. 12 DVD ESL kid's lessons for $275.  Musical. 

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