Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Speech Software

Favorites flashcards, PC computer programs, apps, and other materials.

Materials My Kids Have Not Tried 300 hours of lessons for $199. language and video modeling software. affordable speech and social skills software.  Many programs available. reviews of speech and other software for people with autism. $199 for 800 computer lessons.  On-screen pictures prompt the speaker to record the appropriate words/phrases into the program. FREE language learning apps for iPhone, android devices, iPad, etc. article about special needs apps.  See comments beneath article for more apps. app store for Android devices.  Some speech/grammar apps. listing of Android apps for speech and autism.  Listing of ESL apps, and many other apps on this site. apps from Touch Autism; also available for iPad. collection of speech apps. autism apps.  

Note:  My kids both learned to use a mouse and PC at age 3, and we have never really used tablet apps for learning.  Therefore, I personally do not know a whole lot about different learning apps for tablets.   

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