Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Video Modeling DVDs CDs

Video Modeling:  DVDs, Computer CDs, Digital Downloads, and On-line Programs  video modeling and speech for special needs.  video modeling for special needs. video modeling and speech. Social skills DVDs for $29.95 each and other materials. Language help for babies and non-verbal kids. sells autism and special needs software. video modeling and basic speech. Teachtown social skills home edition online program.  $85 for access to 500 animated online lessons for 3 Video modeling DVDs and software.

My kids have used materials from all of the websites above for social skills or speech.  All are recommended, but check the product information carefully about  recommended developmental level and recommended speech skills.  Many of the materials may be found used on or other shopping sites.  Also check out your school district library, public library, and video services to which you subscribe for copies of these materials.  

My kids have not tried the videos below, but some of them look good. character education, guidance, and life skills DVDs for grades K-12.  Check out "streaming" (online) versions of DVDs for cheaper prices. $14.95/month.  Huge collection of resources for teaching social skills. Video modeling for teens and young adults.  Six video downloads and instruction manual for $30. large assortment of guidance and health DVDs.  Check out the homeschool online streaming version if many titles are wanted.  (See homeschool links.)  Some options may have closed captioning. sells educational DVDs for school and library use, OFTEN WITH CLOSED CAPTIONING.  CHECK OUT THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS SECTION FOR LIFE SKILLS AND SOCIAL SKILLS. free online life skills, computer use, and basic word recognition/speech lessons (in the "reading" category). video modeling for teens and adults.  $4.99/downloaded video. character education videos for kids. DVDs:  bullying and responsibility.  $19.95/each. character videos for teens and young adults are free to watch online.  Lesson plans and DVDs available for purchase. Standard Deviants counseling and guidance DVDs.  Price too high?  Do a net search for used copies of the DVD you like. Discrete Trial Trainer autism software.  30 day free trial.  $149.  Activity Trainer autism software.  30 day free trial.  $149.  Storymovies video modeling.  25 short movies on DVD for $71. autism and apsergers videos for teens and parents. Marvel and Friends and Get Along Monsters DVD series offered at about $90 per DVD.  Specifically designed for children with autism. $238.45 Secret Agent society software for ages 8-12.  Social skills and emotions games.  May be more exciting for older kids and advanced. Home page to the Secret Agency Society software, games, and skills groups around the world. Sells products for both language and autism. --resources listed on the Autism Speaks website. --resources listed on the Autism Speaks website.


Do you want to create your own materials?  Here are some suggestions: tools to create personalized social stories.  $8.99 subscription. free computer program for creating social stories.  A few free social stories are included. --Free download at the App store and soon coming to Android.

DVD Movie Factory Pro 7  $49.99.  I used version 6 to make a bunch of slide shows of my own.  (See for some speech and behavior slide shows that I made for my kids' own personal use that I later uploaded to YouTube.)  --get Skype free to communicate via webcam with young children with autism, who may prefer this over a traditional telephone call.  You can also download onto a mobile device and play games with a friend.  Premium features include features such as group calls with several callers on screen.  

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