Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Writing Programs online writing program.  Free trial.  $27 for lesson package. online writing program.  Free trial.  $27 for lesson package. various on-line writing programs.  Free trial.  $75 for English Basic Web Suite package of 5 different language arts programs. online writing program.  $10/year. free online writing lab for elementary students.  Includes links to example papers and examples of transition words. reviews of various writing programs. 8 week on-line course led by a certified teacher for $99.  Several different writing courses for grades 2 through 12 offered. $24.99/year per classroom.  Lesson plans and materials. step-by-step writing program. Students learn sentence patterns, paragraph patterns, essay patterns, etc. Elementary and remedial middle school.  $47 (e-book with worksheets and lesson plans that is digitally downloaded.)

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