Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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Writing Tools

Reviews of Free Online Writing and Grammar Interactives: 

Links to Writing Websites/Tools for Kids storymap interactive. fractured fairy tale story creator. literary elements map creator. diagram creator. webbing creator. --$4.99/mo. Subscription does not automatically renew. --suite of creative tools for story, cartoon, and video making.  Free demo and online. --Create kids stories online.  Free creative tools.  Can order your own published book from the website. --collaborative storytelling site. --fun for a special project.  Kids create their own books and order hard copies. --$10/year.  Online graphic organizers and interactives aimed at students in grades 2-5 and classroom use for these grades.  

Comic Creators comic strip creater program.  One of many free tools from  

// tutorial.

// :  Bitstrips for schools easy comic maker. --ToonDoo free comic creator website.  

// tutorial

// --Xtranormal tutorial.  Go to YouTube site and create free cartoons.  

// --Animated Power Point tutorial.  
// --Making Pixton comics.

// --Crazy Talk comic creator program.

// --Adobe Flash (free software download)--how to animate a cartoon and add voice. --free comic creators, quiz makers, speaking avatar makers, and quiz makers.  Some for kids and some for adults.  

Graphic Organizers to Print Out free graphic organizers. free graphic organizers. free graphic organizers.

More Great Stuff!

Writing Games! 
Writing a Letter--Interactive
Writing an Essay--Interactive
Persuasive Writing--Interactive
How to Write Paragraphs and Essays--Articles
Writing Your Own "Arthur" Comic Strip
Writing a Letter to an "Arthur" Character
"Arthur" Letter Writer Helper --types of writing, how to write, many lessons and ideas. an application. --Story Starter game. --Write a story with the story plant. --writing sentences--lesson, games. --writing paragraphs. --planning writing. --format and style. --editing and proofreading. --tutorial and game on conjunctions. --personal pronouns lesson and game. --lesson and game. creator

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