Free Videos for Autistic Kids
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social skills

 Video Modeling
 Emotions and Feelings
 Good Sportsmanship
 Sharing and Taking Turns
 Sports and Games
School Rules and Classroom Behavior
 Social Skills Mixed Playlist

 Telephone Manners
 Following Directions
 Kids' Character Builder Cartoons
 Notebook Babies Social Skills Cartoons
 Crawford the Cat Social Skills Cartoons
 Harry Kindergarten School Rules Songs
 Sesame Street
 Berenstain Bears
 Anger Management
 Conflict Resolution

 Body Language
 Eye Contact
 Clean Up Songs
 Autism Misunderstandings
 Diversity and Discrimination Tips for teens and adults on getting and keeping a job.

// --YouTube channel with health videos for kids. --YouTube channel with various social skills for teens and young adults.  Parental guidance suggested.

 // --Health and safety videos from YouTube for middle school and high school.  Parental guidance suggested.

// --Collection of free videos on YouTube channel dealing with Asperger's syndrome and high functioning autism.  Parental guidance suggested. --Great safety tips from Autism Speaks.  

See a featured playlist from the Autistic Kids YouTube Channel below:

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